About us

Let’s show an improvement and seek our aims together!

JSC “Business and disabled development group” is unique company, propagating humane, ethical and proper attitude towards disability.

Seeking for a new and often unusual decisions or willing to obtain consultation concerning employment, business, law and adaptation of information, disabled every day appeal to „Business and disabled development group”.  Another part of our partners and clients is comprised of businessmen opened for innovations and ready for improvement, we are ready as well to make our contribution in to their success and prosperity.

A great experience, knowledge, new and nonstandard technological decisions, young, enterprising, unafraid of challenges team and professional performance these are the features, which distinguish us from others.  We speak out for opened society of equal opportunities, because individuality of each person is important for us.

Luck usually is on the side of these who challenge and act.  But to these who are afraid of consequences luck often turns its back. [J.Nehru]

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